Communication Error

from by the compositive two

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Since the internet is here
They say communication is getting better by the years
Stupid mobile ringtones is all I ever hear
From tv to pc bits and bytes
If you believe in it you’re the small fish that bites
Used correctly technology can do us right
But not at the expensive cost of a human life
I stay more than calm
But blamin Einstein for the use of the atomic bombs?
Yo come on, it’s as simple as that
No matter where we live at, we can all interact
But It’s a fact we forgot how to communicate
Cause children nowadays can’t tell what’s true or fake
Told by their surroundings: u will not break
But in Europe we got the highest suicide rates
The lack of understanding
Creates a bigger gap between the youngsters and the elders
And nobody is here to tell us:


We got a communication error
Decay will society I’ll tell ya
Error got communication we a
I’ll tell ya society will decay

Contorted information rearranged by the media
U best think twice if u believe they ain’t deceiving ya
Before asking proof, they be broadcasting news
With a loop that’s reliable to keep the circle liveable
But it’s getting heavier withal the lies told
So what happens is the circle turns into a spiral
Communication is freezed like a slideshow
Cause every individual is running for the title
Funniest of all, that countries go to war
Cause from two opposite sides they be talking to a wall
Together is how we make it start crumbling and fall
So now u realize not seeing eye to eye was the trouble of it all
Stubborn silence is like fucking in a morgue
Nothing will come of it except more dilemmas
But still I’m made to feel like nobody’s here to tell us
Communication Errors.

It’s hard to understand like a piece of complex art
Depression starts with a question mark
Combine it with the fact to be laughed at in school
Cause u don’t feel u get help unless you’re smart
So the fear to ask what’s wrong grows bigger
Trust becomes harder for the subject to figure
Reaching puberty, feels like a bit of litter
Shuts himself out this world becomes a killer
Suicide immediately follows his actions
Media is back in to fucking attack him
Parents didn’t know what was wrong with their kid
For the simple reason they didn’t talk to him
Surprised and shocked society continues
Using talk shows like painkilling infuse
Tragedies like these keep being misused
We’re all left alone to handle what we’ve been through.


from Compositive Thoughts, released May 15, 2010


all rights reserved



the compositive two Belgium

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