Compositive Thoughts

by the compositive two

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released May 15, 2010


all rights reserved



the compositive two Belgium

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Track Name: Fire

chorus 1

One soul ripped apart to a million pieces
spreaded over time and all the four seasons
try to solve the puzzle just to keep breathing
lighting up a fire first step in succeeding


Hip hop is dead but my thoughts are not
Did not shed one tear as i stopped
at the tombstone
the full moon shone
feeling the heat
i was fucking amazed
i know well enough
there's no sun in a grave
so it must've been the temperature of something self made
a flame rekindled by my own inner slave
freed from the chains
but not released from its cage
intensifying fire
the heat didn't fade
got out of control ended burning up the cage
one of the martyrs
that's what he became
getting all of the others
turning up in rage
revolting destroying insulting and growing
in numbers and size
now my body realized the trouble's inside
scared to death like the faintest threat
of a terrorist attack
days i've slept
at this grave i'm at
unable to move cause the slaves just kept
building up the fire to this great climax
till i felt powerless and my mind collapsed
entered a coma for years on end
where i found myself talking bout my tears to friends
relaxed and calm, a cheerful blend
leaving all behind in a state of pure zen
surrounded by a shaman with a cure for the dead
when i was so sure to be left with plenty of care
like Hunter S. Thompson, i could strike sparks anywhere

the weather was bleek at the graveyard
i was approached in my sleep by a straydog
a beautiful big brown new foundlander
found me in this manner
it's body touched the ground sound like a loud hammer
sat down beside me as a guardian statue
tried to wake me up from the state i got attached to
sort of close of remaining comatose
when suddenly my braincells strangely overdosed
on my feet i rose
soul empty cold
the dog turned to stone
fire died down the slaves finished bashing
left my body completly filled with ashes
exactly the same as hip hop's casket

chorus 2

two souls from different parts of the same region
connected by coincidence or a million reasons
cremate my thoughts before they get mastered
in the form of ashes i'll find new answers
Track Name: Ashes
i think my thoughts
they think of me
continously exchanging energy
free to think whatever i want
the way i feel shapes my thoughts
and the thoughts themselves frame my falls...

accompany me through my own therapy
my best friend my worst enemy
hide behind them they're my shield
a big excuse of how i feel
my companions in my travels
my true rivals in my battles
this the final i'm the champion
they come back like haunting phantoms

all these thoughts it gets too much
now of course my head's brainwashed
each thought dead by matches
go on mountain spread the ashes
question, what's after death
just my own new birth process
mind is empty fertile fresh
to free myself in loneliness
Track Name: Phoenix


Two souls from different parts of the same region
Connected by coincidence or a million reasons
Rebirth of thoughts into a new meaning
Just like the ashes into a new phoenix


Ideas become sounds
While sounds give ideas
That’s the eternal cycle which always appears
Adapting to being what we are
With each movement and action
To capture the essence
Of our true selves faster
Critical and I keep and eye on the critical
So Critical stays himself and I’m always self critical
Beats and lyrics
We find it lovely
But it’s only food for thought
When the mind is hungry
Input and diversity
That’s what makes a nation
Same goes for music
And we’re heading for starvation

So many possibilities
It seems so amazing
How can thoughts be free
When they all get placed in
Spaces and locations
Where they get remade in
Remote lookalikes
To fit in and get locked in
Categorical boxes
With the skills of a locksmith
Buildings left behind fall down we lost it why?
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
It’s not this kind of life we wanna live
A deeper sense of knowing got us back our gift
That’s the exact reason
This sound is forged
By two minds with compositive thoughts
Track Name: Dreamstate


No boundaries, no limits
What I found here’s infinite
No taking or giving
Imperfection or precision
If you attempt to take a step
Don’t seek love or seek hate
This is what I call my permanent dreamstate
No boundaries, no limits
What I found here’s infinite
No taking or giving
Imperfection or precision
Traveling to places with no need of a briefcase
Imagination is key in my permanent dreamstate


Reality is boss and that’s what we’re taught
From little child to puberty fantasy is lost
So we use ways to replace our natural escape
And try to relate to that path full of shapes
Which we try to recreate to survive in a real place
Taking refuge in stuff like
Music art and books
And all sorts of drug types
Offering you looks
Into the truth of what we call the unknown
I call it what reality refuses to show
Escapism can be compared to a prism
It sheds new light creating a new vision
So I created mine in my own mind
And that’s the place where I go sometimes.


Beautiful ugly
suitable lovely
rainbows storms
i make it all up as i slowly go along
seeing the magic in unravelling
this labyrinth
i carry secrets that i travel with
and it looks so familiar
yet it feels strangest
like meeting friends you haven't seen in ages
feel what i'm saying
dreamstate can't be explained in two phrases


It offers me security, serenity
purity of feelings with friends and with enemies
no plus or minus only balance
so ego zero
cause i figure like Tina we don't need no other hero
is this place from the mind
strictly something human
or a frequency of the universe to tune in when we choose it
the sunshine is violent
until the darkness hits horizons
with little bright twinkling lights
imagine images of vast stretched out landscapes
huge beautiful trees
and giant water cascades
time to go
like a holiday's last day
back home empty handed no souvenir
no proof of it here
and suddenly it hits me
this song is a piece of that place i took with me
Track Name: Universal Frequency Operators


Stuck here on earth caught behind bars
easy as in Belgium to get by the guards
earth moon soon beyond mars
sound is my cannon shoot myself to the stars

Spectrum anlaysis 1,27
frequency invasion by pirate radio station
holding your attention for three minutes thirty seconds
Sending you sounds that only come from dirty records
using up unlimited amount of this old space
vanished from planet earth without a single trace
residing in a corner of this strange old galaxy
far away from wack assholes and black holes
Intertwine with the beat and sound
lyrics leave the ground like they were rocket science
like gods of the ancients
arrive from the skies
they're real spaceships for your ears and eyes
we pacifists who don't believe in violence right
why kill something that's going to die in life?
the trick: to make yourself immortal
And that's exactly what we UFO's resort to

Critical takes place behind these futuristic decks
while he connects to this galactic wide web
reaching all types of strange solar systems
since on earth not even a fuckin quarter listens
meanwhile i take the shortest distance
travelling lightyears for a feature with this alien coalition
homo sapiens on a sapient mission
evolution of the mind from this bodily position
so here i welcome re-evolution of the spirit
at the same point when organic meets the digit
continue on my quest to climb the double helix
so we can reprogam the people to feel this
enjoy the realness, yes we even bleed it
going far out like a hippie on a fieldtrip


Lightyears pass
still have three tasks:
1 get back to Critical fast
2 develop extra terrestrial skills lyrically
And 3 hit back on earth to dominate physically
Instinctivly grow to what we think to be
Biotical human organisms
flying by quickly for the rush
you’re too primitive to follow us
this simple pair evolves into a royal flush
cause this album won't ever drop honest
it'll hit like a rain of asteroids and comets
Embrace it all STARDUST VOMIT
bring trace of new life to your little blue planet
Took out your eyeball and now we scanned it
for info that goes beyond what u imagine
Galactic spectrum expansion
through your doors of perception we just crash landed
Track Name: Workin'

verse 1

take pen start writing
put it down begin again
it's the story of my life
and i'm writing me a different end
work on what's important never be ashamed
cause simple misfortune
can forever rearrange
everything you fought so hard for to get
lost in a sec
but don't fall for regret
or an awful reject
is what we all will detect
yeah let me think i'll do my music in a minute
first pay rent do the groceries and dishes
life transforms like by sorcery and witches
in the midst of this
i'm supposed to be ambitious
either stuck at work
or i'm tired at home
but less likely
to spend time on a poem
in this confusion
i ponder what to do
lose contact with many
make it stronger with a few
use that as my fuel
so i can get back to,,,

verse 2

All work and no play makes Elpo a dull boy
that's why i can't live with makin a dumb choice
A crazy deskjob made me too serious
feelin more blue than Picasso's painting period
even though i'm workin
gotta stay funky cause
monkey see, monkey want
so monkey do what other monkey does
i'm the monkey who jumps
from a tree to another
eat banana have fun
never in my wildest dream
thought i'd be that kind of guy
rhymes pushed aside
trapped in a 9 to 5
so now i try to look for a sign of life
through this dark tunnel
reach for the shining light
jeoperdize my soul
as i localize my goal
minimize the major risk workin on relationships
in order to be able to continue writing these songs
i can't lose hope, just have to keep on...
Track Name: Power of Words
Power of words

Lines define what’s in someone’s mind
Expressing views and thoughts
That can be true or false
Whether fact or fantasy
They’ll probably turn sloppy when there’s lack of energy
Write what u choose like an act of anarchy
Magically, make a stranger turn fan of me
Bless souls like a sanctity
On the darker side of things it turns friends into enemies
God said let there be these entities
Blessed with speech and reason
They can never beat the meaning, only give it
See here, if it wasn’t for the first the latter wouldn’t exist
Words can do to the heart what knives do to the wrist
Inflict pain cause tears u know the usual shit
Convict a man to death
Write the verdict on his chest
Declare eternal love by simply saying yes
Get a lawyer to defend yourself from other attacks
Or handle the guy
In a one on one battle fight
Cause of beautiful words
Here’s a chance u might
Really understand my fat band tonight
Be rude and polite
The only fuckin reason why mc’s grab the mic
Make up your excuse for a deed not liked
Give meaning to silence
Whenever used wrong they keep feeding the violence
Show a way to people who be seeking for guidance
I’m personally fond of it
Make and break promises
Opportunity for college kids
The bible is why religious freaks think god exists
And a way to do politics
Send soldiers to war
Order to kill em
Pass it to the next
Tell stories to children
Big bad wolf sad and bewildered
Believe or criticize anything can be filtered
So many feelings comfort and distress
Wanna scream out like a kid with incest
Even if misread words can impress
Feel deceived cause ain’t happened shit yet
Encourage your team with the power of words
Scream penalty when a foul occurs
U have to calm down but you shout a curse
All this fuss in the world about a verb
Finding salvation message in a bottle
Or find it by just following your motto
Fill in numbers on a piece of paper for the lotto
Sign a contract to buy a condo
Make a speech twist history
Use it to get rid of all this bigotry
Even if they don’t believe u initially
Or just write a letter to your relatives in Italy
It takes a second
To turn something precious in the present
To myth or a legend
Some are rare like water in a desert
Others are common like bikes in Holland
Manipulate words without a shred of proof
Make people addictive to the truth
Then twist it shift it
To something seeming almost realistic
Elpo’s words make it sound so simplistic.
Track Name: Communication Error
Since the internet is here
They say communication is getting better by the years
Stupid mobile ringtones is all I ever hear
From tv to pc bits and bytes
If you believe in it you’re the small fish that bites
Used correctly technology can do us right
But not at the expensive cost of a human life
I stay more than calm
But blamin Einstein for the use of the atomic bombs?
Yo come on, it’s as simple as that
No matter where we live at, we can all interact
But It’s a fact we forgot how to communicate
Cause children nowadays can’t tell what’s true or fake
Told by their surroundings: u will not break
But in Europe we got the highest suicide rates
The lack of understanding
Creates a bigger gap between the youngsters and the elders
And nobody is here to tell us:


We got a communication error
Decay will society I’ll tell ya
Error got communication we a
I’ll tell ya society will decay

Contorted information rearranged by the media
U best think twice if u believe they ain’t deceiving ya
Before asking proof, they be broadcasting news
With a loop that’s reliable to keep the circle liveable
But it’s getting heavier withal the lies told
So what happens is the circle turns into a spiral
Communication is freezed like a slideshow
Cause every individual is running for the title
Funniest of all, that countries go to war
Cause from two opposite sides they be talking to a wall
Together is how we make it start crumbling and fall
So now u realize not seeing eye to eye was the trouble of it all
Stubborn silence is like fucking in a morgue
Nothing will come of it except more dilemmas
But still I’m made to feel like nobody’s here to tell us
Communication Errors.

It’s hard to understand like a piece of complex art
Depression starts with a question mark
Combine it with the fact to be laughed at in school
Cause u don’t feel u get help unless you’re smart
So the fear to ask what’s wrong grows bigger
Trust becomes harder for the subject to figure
Reaching puberty, feels like a bit of litter
Shuts himself out this world becomes a killer
Suicide immediately follows his actions
Media is back in to fucking attack him
Parents didn’t know what was wrong with their kid
For the simple reason they didn’t talk to him
Surprised and shocked society continues
Using talk shows like painkilling infuse
Tragedies like these keep being misused
We’re all left alone to handle what we’ve been through.
Track Name: Two Worlds
Two worlds


Look at things strangely
Everything pain free
Third part of Dante’s divine comedy
Beautifully submerged in thought and harmony
I wonder why all of this was so hard to see
Never realized all of this was part of me
All alone no friends
William Blake style
Doors of perception are cleansed
Return to base now
Open eyes into Bliss
so intense cause of this short experience
all so calm what used to be insidious
this special gift i'm so fond of it
feeling as if i'm giving god a kiss
And surely
It gives me more strength to go and live again
To search for a simple end amongst a million men
I’m breathless
Like a strangled neck is by a necklace
Enter the world of disease and infections
Terror death fear hand in hand with insanity
Manifest here no break for humanity
Tell me, how ironic can it be
Everything is made to break our anatomy
No free will it’s all controlled automatically
Only piece of mind u’ll find is grey coloured actually.

Verse 2

Look at things strangely
everything painful
look behind me see the hell that i came through
the first part of Dante no saints or angels
situation hateful i blame the faithful
sick and playful
this is my paranoia
like that dwarf
in the mines of Moria
bathe in regret
no sign of euphoria
sickness in the head
standin right on the border
the edge of the abyss
this endless torture
lots of doubt and a little self pity
make this fragile soul feel shitty
heart's not shattered, brain's not broken
constant panic hurries them to explosion
I Long for rest
And wanna make myself
like feeling the intensive, endless
love from my girl which i'm blessed with
no second guesses,
place my grief on the weeping Buddha’s spine
seeking for a bright moon that shines
darkness light I feel fine
knowing the sun reflects through the other side
giving me power to resist to these lies
look into life with brand new eyes
Track Name: Daily Routine
Daily routine

Verse 1

It’s painful indeed to see this daily routine
The way it interferes with what’s mainly your dream
Those things we got to do
Make it harder to believe that anything’s possible
It’s boring to always have to follow what’s logical
Like brad Pitt in 12 Monkeys you’ll end up in a mental hospital
Judge it by looks and we are all unique
Judge it by actions we’d be a heard of sheep
Repeating our deeds until eternal sleep
It’s exactly this cycle i’m tryin to learn to beat
While days on my calendar go by like a passenger
I have to tell myself stop being a lazy amature
So I collect all my strenght and my stamina
To record all of this with my poems and my camera


It’s painful indeed to see this daily routine
The way it interferes with what’s mainly your dream
If we couldn't remember the past
and we'd be thinking like this
routines wouldn't exist
but we'd be living like fish

Verse 2

No way to be happy
If u haven’t been a moody man
Here i am 2pm
What day is it?
Over and over i play my favorite disc
Cherish the past, but please leave it be
It’s useless to try to grab the fun u’ve had repeatedly
Cause we all know even that becomes a drag immediately
The danger in this situation lies in the fact
That i’m too busy with being a little bit of an idiot
Now here’s what i mean
Can i honestly tell myself it’s only the routine who’s deceiving my dream?
Maybe it’s just my lack of power
It’s a hard fact to swallow, but still a true fact so face it
The secret is to learn how to accept and embrace it
Even if your days is loopin like tied laces.

Verse 3

It's all cause of my lack of power
Living in space i'm trapped in hours
the sun rises and night falls
makes me know
there are also beautiful cycles
worth to live this life for
i stand still with life forms
movin right to left
who fight for divine laws
in this short moment between birth and death
the picture might be boring
but it depends
try to look at it harder
with a different lens
then fill in the blanks with colourful pencils and pens
compare before and after
tell me your preference then
so i enjoy what's left
with my girl and friends
it's al in my head that which i hurl against
in this institution small things are considered useless
that exact thought
makes the bigger look stupid
truth is, i'm not saying that's the easiest
cause we need routines like a recipe needs ingredients
that shouldn't mean
i should always be obedient
cause in the end it's always gonna be me against my dream again
Track Name: On the Road
On The Road


I'm going traveling
cause i can't sit still
wanna see the world so i'm following my will
cause i can't seem to fit in
have to surrender to the urge from within


Wanna learn the customs
of plenty of cultures
Have to find the truth
behind so many assumptions
and if necessary
turn em all into crumbles
searchin where to go
determining your road
intrigued by the mysteries
that other countries hold
how you gonna travel
by car bike or boat?
it doesn't really matter
cause there's no final goal
so i do as i do
when i'm finding my flow
i carefully listen to the signs of my soul
that's how i know i'm directed
by a force unknown
to the right place i'm headed
and if i like the feeling that i get
i will spread it
high definition? forget it, this minute
i'm going for the real life full touch vision
Enjoying and accepting all different climates/
I'll eternally be on the road to new horizon.


Anxiously waiting for departure
that's how we start tha
trip to make the picture larger
the larger the picture
the harder it gets to
keep on believing
that your karma's against ya
it gets prettier
like a larva's existence
so go spread wings
fore they're scarred by the system
fly up in the sky
to the stars in the distance
eradicate opinions
based on prejudice like Hitler's
sure to be cautious
for many disappointments
don't waist time
contemplating bout your choices
one thing is certain, you'll also know what joy is
free to do what i feel, nothing is avoided
Get to know myself through my world and my limits
traveling the globe now i'm sure to be gifted
here behold, reflecting inner beauty
i truly hope this is also what u see
Track Name: Balance
thank you all for holding on
Critical first of all
workin with precision that i'd like to call surgical,
creatin beats that's magical never fallin off
once u hear them blastin through they stain your head like Gorbatsjov
goes without saying that we'd like to thank our girls of course
keeping us balanced when lost in our world of thoughts/
always in check like China with birth controls
sometimes i wonder is this worth it all?
time passes faster then a Pete Sampras service ball
waistin it is murder yo
gotta start somewhere like a baby learns to crawl
still doesn't give up after many nervous falls
so even in the dark
my will still glows
the compositive two equals undefeatables
sorry to all you peeps i promised a feature though
but this right here I had to do on my own
i wanna thank Zown
for experience and growth
so much has changed
all but technicalities
remembering those days
balancing between realities
just too hard
not being struck with awe
like confronting what i call the
mushroom god
so time to move on
but never forget
that the same moments in my life
will never come back
between past and future
my balance is now
stronger then ever
still standing my ground
sure my mom brother and dad are so proud
I do care if the crowd clappin aloud
Cause my inner self is what i'm rappin about
that's how i wanna be remembered somehow

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