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Daily routine

Verse 1

It’s painful indeed to see this daily routine
The way it interferes with what’s mainly your dream
Those things we got to do
Make it harder to believe that anything’s possible
It’s boring to always have to follow what’s logical
Like brad Pitt in 12 Monkeys you’ll end up in a mental hospital
Judge it by looks and we are all unique
Judge it by actions we’d be a heard of sheep
Repeating our deeds until eternal sleep
It’s exactly this cycle i’m tryin to learn to beat
While days on my calendar go by like a passenger
I have to tell myself stop being a lazy amature
So I collect all my strenght and my stamina
To record all of this with my poems and my camera


It’s painful indeed to see this daily routine
The way it interferes with what’s mainly your dream
If we couldn't remember the past
and we'd be thinking like this
routines wouldn't exist
but we'd be living like fish

Verse 2

No way to be happy
If u haven’t been a moody man
Here i am 2pm
What day is it?
Over and over i play my favorite disc
Cherish the past, but please leave it be
It’s useless to try to grab the fun u’ve had repeatedly
Cause we all know even that becomes a drag immediately
The danger in this situation lies in the fact
That i’m too busy with being a little bit of an idiot
Now here’s what i mean
Can i honestly tell myself it’s only the routine who’s deceiving my dream?
Maybe it’s just my lack of power
It’s a hard fact to swallow, but still a true fact so face it
The secret is to learn how to accept and embrace it
Even if your days is loopin like tied laces.

Verse 3

It's all cause of my lack of power
Living in space i'm trapped in hours
the sun rises and night falls
makes me know
there are also beautiful cycles
worth to live this life for
i stand still with life forms
movin right to left
who fight for divine laws
in this short moment between birth and death
the picture might be boring
but it depends
try to look at it harder
with a different lens
then fill in the blanks with colourful pencils and pens
compare before and after
tell me your preference then
so i enjoy what's left
with my girl and friends
it's al in my head that which i hurl against
in this institution small things are considered useless
that exact thought
makes the bigger look stupid
truth is, i'm not saying that's the easiest
cause we need routines like a recipe needs ingredients
that shouldn't mean
i should always be obedient
cause in the end it's always gonna be me against my dream again


from Compositive Thoughts, released May 15, 2010


all rights reserved



the compositive two Belgium

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